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In my first part of the Review, I have talked about the importance of App Search Optimization and how this software promises to address the challenges that businesses, app developers, and marketing agencies come across when it comes to promoting their apps on Google Play and App Store. I have also discussed some of the features that make one of the most impressive software when it comes to marketing an app. Now I shall discuss the remaining features that make it one-of-a-kind app promotion tool. I shall also take a look at the major Pros and Cons of this software and where it stands against the competition.


This is perhaps one of the market differentiators for this software. While there are many tools that present to your raw data and allow you to analyze them in detail, goes a step further and offers you tailored recommendations to improve the odds of your marketing campaign. These recommendations can help you scale up the ranking of your app on the app stores for the marked audience and targeted keywords. It works as a personal assistant and lets you prepare a more meaningful action plan.


Data Supported Recommendations – The software doesn’t adopt a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to come up with recommendations. It doesn’t suggest you broad strategies that you would come across on the Internet but narrows down on specific inputs based on the app data. All you need to do is connect Google Play Developer or iTunes Connect for it to fetch data and offer you meaningful recommendations.

Actionable Suggestions – You would set goals for your app in terms of Conversion Rate, Retention, Active Users (Daily/Weekly/Monthly), Revenue, Country Wide visits, and App Ratings to name the most sought-after metrics to judge the success of your app. This software compares your goals against the present standing of the app in different app stores and offers suggestions. These suggestions include territories you must focus on, keywords that to be targeted etc.

Get Deep Into Metrics – The software lets you evaluate your data and interpret the results in a meaningful way. You will be able to collect data from different sources and gather signals from different platforms all of which are displayed on a single screen. With all this data available on the dashboard you will be able to come up with a plan that has been tailored to meet your requirements.


In a crowded and overtly competitive territory such as app marketing, you can’t afford to let down your guard. With every app marketer trying newer ways to improve rankings and increase downloads the ‘status quo’ changes faster than you think. In fact, some of the top performing apps of the yesteryears are nowhere in the picture today as they failed to keep pace with the change in the market. The fact remains, taking your eyes off the campaign may bring your rankings spiraling down and you may lose months of hard work that you had put into reaching these heights. Thankfully won’t let that happen to your campaign with its Custom Alerts feature.


Set Your Alerts – There are dozens of things that you may wish to keep your eyes on. Form version changes in your competitor’s app to the top keywords in your app category. you need to keep strong vigil over all these information. With the Custom Alert feature you will be able to keep complete track of the change in App Rankings, Daily Stats, Top Keywords, and Reviews etc. This information would be directly emailed to you to help you act swiftly.

Choose Your Filters – You definitely don’t want to get alerts on every other app in your category. This is where makes it easy for you by letting you choose your custom filters and get alerts only for those parameters. For instance, you can get alerts for one of the app stores and receive emails only when your app’s country ranking changes. You just don’t receive random alerts but ones that matter to you and deserve your urgent attention.


As someone who has seen digital marketing from up-close you are well aware of the importance of paid search marketing and how it can deliver necessary results in quick time. With’s Search Ads feature you will be able to have a bird’s eye view of your Search Ads campaign. Using the dashboard tools you will be able to take command of your ad search campaign and draw maximum leverage from search traffic.


Know The Market Pulse – This feature allows you to keep a tab on the pulse of the market with respect to your search ad campaign. You can get detailed insights on every strategy that your competitors are putting into action and also arrive at decisions based on actionable intelligence. The pre-set automation always keep you ahead of your competitors in a neck-breaking competitive environment.

Measure KPIs – Measuring the important metrics is a very important part of your search marketing campaign. You need to have details about your total ad spent, conversions, keywords that are yielding rewards and the ad groups. You don’t have to do any of these manually as the software will offer you all the information that you need to know in an easy to read dashboard.

Pros and Cons

Pros is surely one of the best ASO software that is currently available in the market and this is substantiated by the fact that it is one of the most preferred software for people involved in app marketing. Here we take a look at some of the biggest incentives that it offers to its users –

SWOT Analysis – If we take all the features that this software offers into account you will be able to do a complete SWOT analysis of your app. Given the fact that it sources data and information on every app published on the app store it opens up opportunities for the detailed study of your competitors’ apps and also a thorough comparison that helps you build up marketing strategies that take you to the top.

Keyword Exploration – Call it keyword analysis, keyword research or anything else but when you have the kind of insights that this software offers you definitely have the required edge in a marketing campaign. The software allows you to get deep into keyword data including competitors’ keyword strategy that helps you firm up a strategy to achieve success.

Market Knowledge – Every ASO tool offers you some insights on the market, the competition but none does it better than From revenue forecast to hard data on downloads and other metrics you shall have all that you want to know in a few mouse clicks.

Recommended Action – It surely has to be one of its biggest crowd pullers as this feature tends to add brain to an otherwise analytics tool. This feature benefits newbie who can simply implement rewarding strategies without having to plan them.


We have so far seen all the features and advantages that has on offer, but does it have any cons? Yes, surely it does and like all other software and tools that are available also has its shortcomings. While your campaign management won’t be handicapped by any of these but we have come across these cons when it is compared against other ASO tools

MicroData Analytics – While the software does allow you to analyze data such as user activity, time spent on the app etc. on a narrow timeline it isn’t as easy compared to some of the other ASO software that we have come across.

Creative Comparison – Images, screenshots, and other graphics are an integral part of mobile app marketing. It is surprising that this software doesn’t really focus on letting users compare images and other kinds of creative elements that are used by different apps.

Store Insights – Now you may wonder after all the insights that this tool offer about the performance of apps on the app store how does it still have a shortcoming. It loses out when compared to its competitors who have streamlined this feature and offer you detailed insights.

The Bottomline

In a maze of ASO tools flooding the digital marketing space, users can often get lost and pick up tools that offer incentives on certain counts while coming with a lot of shortcoming on others., on the other hand, is a complete package that offers you the unique abilities to make your app stand ahead of the crowd and achieve desirable outcomes.

It not only lets you analyze data and make meaning out of it but also offers actionable intelligence that goes a long way in achieving your marketing goals. Its features have been designed keeping in mind the challenges that app marketers face in an overly competitive market. The software has constantly been coming up with new features that keep it in sync with the demands of modern day App developers, marketers, and businesses.

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